Hello All City Fam. I have a question for you all that's a bit personal to me. You see, my dad is a contractor and has been working around the city of Austin for almost 10 years now and works with a lot of good people in his team. His workers are mostly Hispanic and illegals or have itin and get paid cash. they live in the runberg area and they're always having problems with their tools getting stolen from their cars or storage shed. Just this past week one of the guys tried to stop a group of guys from robbing his car. He was shot multiple times and has been in the ICU for three weeks now. he's 21 years old and has a family back in his country. My question to you is, do you have a client who can work with a few of our workers to lease them a home? their long-term tenants and they're all handyman. With proof of income and background information, there's very little to show on paper, but they do work and get paid, mostly in cash. I think none of them have a driver's license but they continue to work very hard and it's mostly men that would be living in the home. if you do have a home and a client who is willing to give them an opportunity please give me a call. the current situation with them at their current residence is very stressful and they're all looking for a good home. 🙏 - Félix 512-775-7574

Posted by Felix at 2021-02-04 18:41:54 UTC