Hello friends! Production reports: So production reports are designed merely as a reference for the transactions you have done throughout the year. If you guys are seeing double transactions or net payout for commissions you didn’t actually collect, or anything else that doesn’t look right or match your records, make the necessary changes. Strike through the doubles. Run your own numbers. We did 4600 transactions last year and unfortunately we can not, single handedly account for every sale and productionreport. It’s just a guide. You should be tracking this in your own business model as well. Production reports are simply a reference of information into the business you have done. We are not reporting any of that income. You are reporting whatever you want on a Schedule C. Use it as a guide. I hope this helps you a bit. And again, I’m not feeling the thirst tonight so here is a more humbling photo of Ron Cooks and me planning to take over the world with one agent at a time. Chew on that. 🖤

Posted by Erin Pasawicz from All City at 2021-02-04 08:15:34 UTC