Hey Everyone, here's the link for the Zoom call this morning. We featured our All City Select websites and had TopProducer on the call for a live demo of their CRM and Market Snapshot. You can sign up for the All City Select package here: allcityagents.com/select Zoom Link: Passcode: Db5z#a?e https://allcityagents.zoom.us/rec/play/qeBuGWDmnkaBsiIBgP0BURzIMYQ_XQjvarDdW6kOz-M8FauW8wuJPrwpj_X519w_tA4bC7T3COIKifPm.z7zVTNbHs2tbcSTu?continueMode=true

Posted by Nathan Skinnell at 2022-01-20 22:02:58 UTC