🏡🏡. HOME PARTNERS OF AMERICA🏡🏡 Happy Wednesday friends! ( If you can tell me HONESTLY that you don't sound out "Wednesday" phonically every time you write it... I know you're a liar.) Irrelevant!! Come join Tyeisha and me on Friday to learn about all the cool things Home Partners has going on right now. Wether you know all about them, nothing about them, or a little of the in between, come hang out with us. Worst case scenario, you get to spend time with Tyeisha and me. I can think of much worse things to do on a Friday morning. 🙃 I look forward to a full house... I'm looking at YOU! https://homepartners.zoom.us/j/89787654225?pwd=T2crL21xU3U5YjlvT2xXbksyZVlHQT09 Zoom Meeting - Passcode: 208703

Posted by Erin Pasawicz from All City at 2021-07-28 21:35:50 UTC