Hello, All City agents! Our contract with DocuSign expires on FEBRUARY 9, 2024, and as a result, DocuSign accounts will no longer be included in the $150 sponsorship fee. However, we are expanding our relationship with LoneWolf to provide a more robust platform for our agents. This upgrade will include Authentisign as an alternative to DocuSign. ALL CITY AGENTS HAVE TWO OPTIONS: OPTION 1: Select DocuSign. You will keep your existing DocuSign account active. A $15 per month charge is added to your next monthly invoice. This is a significant savings over signing up for your own DocuSign account—no further action is required. OPTION 2: Select Authentisign. Your existing DocuSign account will close, and you will lose access as of FEBRUARY 9, 2024. Be sure to download all your documents from DocuSign as needed before February 9, 2024. With this option, there is no additional monthly charge. If no selection is made before Feb 9, 2024, your DocuSign account will remain active, and a $15 monthly charge will be added to your monthly invoice. If you have any questions, please contact central office at 866-277-6005. PLEASE CLICK THE BUTTON TO MAKE YOUR SELECTION

Posted by All City Official at 2024-01-29 21:59:53 UTC