My new mls published Lease listing(s) on Abor MLS are syndicating to all non Zillow sites. I know All City does not syndicate Lease Listings to Zillow. But when I go on Zillow to personally Add my Lease Listing into Zillow I get the error message “ This listing can’t be published because Another Listing is active at this address. “ I have only been at AllCity two weeks and now with both Lease Listings I am trying to get on Zillow both have been rejected. Zillow won’t respond to me. What is the work around to get my Lease Listing clients homes on Zillow now that I at All City? Lease listing: 202 Verrado Path, Austin Tx 78748 MLS #7086058 Michelle Sain 512-731-2330

Posted by michelle1 at 2023-11-18 16:38:32 UTC