I have a house under contract (we are Buyers). MLS shows size at 2064/sq ft per an appraisal seller had done in August. Previous listing in 2011 shows it at 1915 sq ft per owner. Tax records have it at 1822 sq ft. A room was added on prior to the 2011 listing, so that could account for the discrepancy between 2011 and the tax records. Buyers appraisal just in shows square footage to be 1994, which is a difference in 70 sq ft w MLS. Can we renegotiate price based on it being a smaller house than we believed? Do we need to have the house measured again- since the buyers appraisal and sellers appraisal show 2 different sizes? Thanks! Feel free to call me- 225.954.9577

Posted by ccurtis234@gmail.com at 2022-12-27 17:33:38 UTC