Hello friends and Happy Wednesday! *****1099 Information ******* If you are expecting a 1099 and do not receive it by February 15th please email Marci. Please keep the email short and direct. SUBJECT: All City 1099 Email Request Body: Please email my 1099. Thank you, John Smith *Please do not sign your name “a John Smith” unless that is your name. 😊 * Also please do not request a 1099 unless you have had any leases, referrals or checks RECEIVED BY ALL CITY, THEN ISSUED TO YOU in the amount of $600+ in 2020. Marci@maricpa.com *look closely. How I “fell” about Valentines Day 🏹 I know. I know. Bad “Kevin Patrick Scanlan joke 😂😂

Posted by Erin Pasawicz from All City at 2021-02-10 20:47:47 UTC