TREC RULES FOR POSTING AND DELIVERY OF the IABS FORM: Posting the IABS Make sure to comply by following these simple rules. All fields in the IABS must be correctly filled out. Post a link to the IABS form labeled "Texas Real Estate Commission Information About Brokerage Service," in at least 10 point font or "TREC Consumer Protection Notice" in at least 12 point font on the homepage of the business' website, in a readily noticeable place. On social media, TREC added flexibility for posting a link to the IABS. Just make sure a link to the homepage of the business’ website with the completed IABS is linked in the social media profiles . Delivery of the IABS What are some acceptable ways to deliver the IABS? Via email In the body of an email. The link to the IABS must be above the email signature block and specifically reference the IABS form. As an attachment to an email. The body of the email must specifically reference the IABS in the body of the email. Physically Give the completed IABS form directly to a client at the first substantive conversation. First class mail or overnight common carrier delivery service.

Posted by Dathon Aragon at 2021-02-10 01:22:13 UTC