All executed contracts and listing agreements (once under contract) must be uploaded and submitted in backoffice. If the contract terminates, you will need to upload Notice of termination and release of earnest money. If the listing agreement terminates, you will need the termination of listing agreement. ALL Closing Disclosures must be uploaded within 7 days of closing! It is not just an All City policy, it is a TREC requirement for CDs to be on file in the brokers office. Every single piece of paper that is signed by the party you are representing in a transaction / listing agreement needs to be added to your transaction in back office! If you have 30 pieces in your personal file, there needs to be 30 pieces in the brokerage file! Upload them into the appropriate placeholder. That is all! Have an amazing fantastic day!

Posted by Kendra Kirby at 2022-03-24 19:37:34 UTC